Kyosuke Kamijo (上条 恭介 Kamijō Kyōsuke?)
Voiced by: Seiko Yoshida (Japanese), Marianne Miller (English)
A boy whom Sayaka constantly visits in hospital. He used to be a

violin player, but an accident crippled him and destroyed the feeling in his fingers, making him unable to play an instrument again. Sayaka uses her wish to cure his hand, allowing him to play the violin once more. Despite this, he inevitably ends up dating Hitomi, which causes Sayaka to fall into despair and turn into a witch.

In the alternate timeline depicted in The Different Story,

Kyosuke is told by Madoka about how Sayaka healed his hand with magic, though Sayaka ends up transforming into a witch before he can learn the whole story. ougbuko//////bjhcifickckkcif;fiyciyiclcicyciycickyycycftm ,mn,

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