An elementary school-aged magical girl who first appears in Rebellion. In the original world, she became Charlotte (シャルロッテ Sharurotte?), the Dessert Witch, who was the one responsible for killing Mami. Nagisa has a childish personality and mannerisms, but is shown to be smarter and more perceptive than she seems. According to Charlotte's production notes from the anime, the reason Nagisa became a magical girl was to share one last cheesecake with her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, and died soon afterwards. Nagisa then became a witch out of regret that she didn't wish to cure her mother's illness, though she thought such a feat wasn't possible.

In Rebellion, she disguises herself as Mami's pet – nicknamed

"Bebe", as the puella magi cannot read the runes her name are written in – who resembles Charlotte, and assists her in hunting the Nightmares. She is a target of Homura in an attempt to find out the culprit of the witch barrier, and reveals herself afterwards to Mami as the magical girl Nagisa Momoe; a "herald" magical girl, from the afterlife – an angel, in other words – going along with Sayaka to assist a powered-down Ultimate Madoka in their mission of saving Homura. She has the power to summon familiars and change her form to and from Charlotte's, powers granted to her by being a part of the Law of Cycles. Nagisa states that she did this so she could "eat cheese again", but exactly how true this is is unknown.

In the ending of Rebellion, Nagisa is brought back to life by

Homura's new powers, and is implied to become Mami's friend when the latter saves her from falling packages of cheese.

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